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Diary of a happy black woman


The importance of celebrating one’s achievements!


Hello everyone,

It is day 16 of the 90 day challenge. Today was not easy as I was thinking of chocolate a lot. I was feeling really tired today due to my work/life commitment. The feeling of using chocolate as a comfort kept popping into my mind. I used my defences and thought of my options. I knew if I had chocolate, it would be game over so I ploughed through and thought tomorrow is another day. I know deep down that as each day passes, I am one step closer to reaching my final goal. As I had my internal struggles today, I thought to myself that I should celebrate my achievements. So I have decided to treat myself to new summer clothes when I reach my quarter point. After I made that decision, I felt more uplifted and more determined to make even more positive changes in my lifestyle and what I consume.

Another lesson I have learnt to date is to spice things up once in a while. Do you remember me telling you that I drink cucumber water. Well after week one, I got slightly bored at times with doing the same thing. So I thought spice it up a little! So, in the mornings, I have lemon or honey water. Throughout the day I am having cucumber water or just plain water (especially if I am outdoors) and kiwi as a snack. To sum up, I would simply replace the cucumber with the kiwi as they are both great for the skin, which is something I definitely want to work on.

Well, I better go. Hope you are enjoying reading about my journal so far!

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