Blackhairblackbeauty Ltd currently offers MOBILE Afro hairdressing and makeup services in different areas of the UK! We are now able to serve you in the comfort of your own home!

Please find below our opening hours, treatments/services and prices. If you find a treatment you would like to try then simply arrange your next appointment with our online booking form! A member of our team will respond between 4 hours to 48 hours to confirm your booking (depending on when the appointment is initially booked). Please note that our prices include travel fee (extra costs will need to be applied to those outside of our designated areas). Our teams of hairstylists and makeup artists are currently located in; London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and Leicester.


Opening Hours

MONDAY – 9am – 7pm
TUESDAY – 9am – 7pm
WEDNESDAY – 9am – 7pm
THURSDAY – 9am – 7pm
FRIDAY – 9am – 9pm
SATURDAY – 9am – 7pm
SUNDAY – Closed

Treatments, services & prices

Children’s hair (up to the age of 10)

Trim (20mins) – £30
Natural hairstyles (40mins)  – £35
Conditioning treatment (1hr,30mins) – £40
Cornrows (own hair and basic – up to 6 cornrows) (40mins) – £40
Cornrows (own hair and enhanced – small cornrows style) (1hr,30mins) – £45
Twists (own hair) (1hr,30mins) – £40
Wash + dry + basic style (1hr,30mins) – £40
Single Plaits (own hair) (2hrs) – £45

Wigs and weaves

Weave cut (1hr) – £35
Wig installation (Frontal lace wig) (1hr) – £35
Full head weave (with/without closure (3hrs,30mins) – £60

Braiding services

Cornrow extensions (basic – up to 6 cornrows) (1hr) – £50
Cornrow extensions (enhanced – small cornrow style) (2hrs) – £55
Crochet braids (3hrs) – £55
Box braids (4hrs,30mins) – £70
Senegalese twists (4hrs,30mins) – £70
Marley twists (4hrs,30mins) – £70
Single plaits (5hrs) – £75
Faux locs (5hrs) – £80
Micro braids (small plaits) (6hrs) – £85
Braids to the waist (6hrs) – £85
Removal of braids, wash and trim (3hrs) – £55

Natural hair treatments and styles

Co-wash (1hr) – £35
Wash only (1hr) – £35
Wash + blow dry (1hr,30mins) – £40
Wash + blow dry + basic style (2hrs) – £45

Trim (30mins) – £35
Haircuts and styling (1hr,30mins) – £45
The big chop (transitioning from relaxed to natural) (1hr,30mins) – £45

Single plaits (own hair) (2hrs,30mins) – £50
Twists (own hair) (2hrs) – £45
Cornrows (own hair basic – up to 6 cornrows) (1hr,10mins) – £45
Cornrows (own hair enhanced – small cornrow style) (1hr,40mins) – £50
Combination twists/cornrow style (own hair) (2hrs,30mins) – £50
Basic hairstyle (not including plaits/cornrows) (1hr) – £25

Deep conditioning treatment (wash and treatment) (1hr,30mins) – £40
Oil treatment  (1hr,30mins) – £40
Protein treatment  (1hr,30mins) – £40

Beauty treatments

Full makeup (excl. lashes) (1hr) – £60

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