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Hello readers (I am hoping there is at least one :) ),

I am writing this as I await my baby potatoes to boil for dinner. Yesterday, I went for dinner in Oxford circus with a friend. The friend booked a table at a healthy eating restaurant (near Primark). I admit, I initially turned my noise up and said would it just be salad?I was dreading going to the venue and looked at the McDonalds across the road (just in case I was still starving after the meal). I know I am doing this 90 day challenge but fear of a major change (without preparation) immediately kicked in. Anyway, I went for the buffet as I thought I might as well try everything. The food was everything!!! Super nice, freshly cooked and amazing on the taste buds. Extremely filling as well. My friend had a butternut curry, which was so tasty and succulent! During the meal, I discussed my reluctance of eating at a new restaurant with my friend. By the time we left the restaurant, I could not express enough thanks!

When we left the venue, I abruptly turned my head away from McDonalds. What was I thinking??!! Anyway, this week has certainly being an eye opener which I happily embraced!

In relation to the subject title, I am heading of to somewhere in the UK next week for chilling out time. Rosie and I are putting the last minute touches to our summer timetable this weekend ready to promote the beginning of July. Next week, I will be spending time away from the desk giving out flyers, reading my nutrition books and spending time with family before my life gets busy – call it a ‘recharging the batteries’ period!

This means I am taking time out from writing the blog and will return in August to conclude my 90 day challenge. I hope you have enjoyed reading about me. If you want to know more then please feel free to attend my ‘creating a work life balance’ seminar in August 2015 (I never miss an opportunity to promote!).

Enjoy the summer!

Take it easy..until next time..

Happy black woman!


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