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Diary of a happy black woman


Taking the positive out of a negative situation


Hello everyone. I have some news. I wanted to write this entry and post it on the site so I could be honest and open to the readers. It was also important to write this as a means of being honest with myself. It was a relatives birthday on the weekend. I thought to myself that it would be ok to have a piece of cake. I thought I was at the stage where I could just have one piece of cake.

It took me seconds to eat the cake. It was so nice and fresh. A soft sponge with layers of fresh cream. The type of cake which simply melts in your mouth. Anyway, a day later I was shopping in Morrisons and I found myself in the snack aisle. I brought a pack of Breakaway (special offer!) and a pack of chocolate and eat them. I won’t go into specifics and say how long (or short) it took me to eat the snacks but the fact is I eat them. I enjoyed eating the snacks for a short moment but then the pleasure soon worn off.

I felt really bad with my relapse. This was in spite of my knowledge of the cycle of change theory. I reflected on my experience and realised something really important. I realised that after eating the cake, I surprisingly felt bad physically. I had stomach pains for the rest of the day. Also after eating the snacks, I felt tired, worn out, moody, and had low motivation. I stopped exercising as I was not in the mood. As a result, I also felt physically weak as I was experiencing cramps.

I knew that I could not and did not want to continue like this. So I spent time reflecting and thinking how am I going to overcome this ongoing battle. Then the saying came to me ‘knowledge is power’. I had my aha moment! Maybe I can study nutrition and learn for myself about healthy eating. Hopefully the course can also explain how certain foods affect the body in different ways. So my next big challenge is to hopefully find a short course which I can do online. Not only will this course help me but I can further use the information to empower our future customers as well!

Onwards and upwards I say!

Until next time

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