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Diary of a Happy Black Woman


 All of the elements work together


Hello everyone. This diary entry is about reflection. I have been debating with myself as to whether I should continue doing the 90 day countdown following the recent relapse. I have decided that I will continue. As I have progressed throughout the 90 days, I have realised that the challenge has not simply being just about healthy eating. I am also learning so much about myself as a whole.

Recently I recognised that for me personally the elements of life are interlinked. In my personal experience; relationships, career and well-being have been going hand in hand. As mentioned in my previous entry, eating rubbish led to low motivation, frustration, irritability and low moods. As a result, I did not really want to go out (unless I needed too), I would be snappy and go to bed early. Early nights meant that I would not be able to contribute much to work. I would see a lot of emails and think ‘oh goodness, what a lot of work’ rather than think ‘what a lot of opportunities’.

So basically, I need to keep on keeping on in order to get the positive outcomes I want to maintain throughout all aspects of my life.

It is 7.32am and need to get ready to start the day so I’ll finish this entry and say.. until next time!

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