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Diary of a Happy Black Woman




Hello everyone. Happy summer by the way!!


I have lost count what day I am on today in relation to the 90 day challenge. My main focus has been on actually achieving my small goals. I believed I mentioned before about studying Nutrition. The doubtful side of my brain immediately said to me ‘How can you afford it’ ‘How can you take on extra work as well as focus on a start business’ ‘When will you find the time’? I quietened this side of my brain whilst I searched the internet and looked for online courses which I could do whilst I am a stay at home mum.


I was so happy when I found a short course in Nutrition which is 10-15 hours of study. If I pass the assessment, I would be accredited with a diploma certificate!! And the best news is, it is totally free!!! I cant wait to start. In order to ensure success, I like to plan as much as I can. So before I start the course, I will be going to the library to get some books and start reading around the topic. This will make me feel out of my depth when I actually start the course.

As we are comprising our summer timetable for the business, I will realistically start the course in July.


Can’t wait!!


Until next time..enjoy the weather!
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