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Diary of a Happy Black Woman


Preparation, planning, enjoyment and outcome


Hello everyone.


I hope you are all enjoying the weather as summer arrives. This diary entry is about ‘progression-part 2’. Since last week, I have been taking advantage of the free resources available and took a visit to the library. Whenever I set my mind to something, I like to take a number of steps in order to meet my goal;



When I found an online course for the nutrition course, I found that in order to get a qualification I need to achieve over a 80% pass grade in the exam. This slightly scared me at first but then I thought ‘ok..how will I ensure that I pass’? I looked at the course outline to review the topics I would be learning. I then went to the library to borrow books in relation to nutrition and the topics I would be learning. My approach to the 80% pass mark is to prepare myself and just do general reading first before I actually start the course. As they say ‘knowledge is power’ and there is no better power than being prepared with the knowledge when I take on the exam.



As I think I mentioned before, Rosie and I are preparing the summer timetable for the business right now so I have to realistic in terms of starting the course at the right time. I am going away in July and planned to switch off completely and enjoy Sandra time but I know deep down that would be difficult for me. So that would be the perfect time to simply read and learn! When I come back, I hope I be ready to take that course!



Throughout these last few months in setting up the business, I realise that it is so important to enjoy what you are doing (when setting a new life challenge). Even during the tough times, there has to be a positive experience somewhere. So I have decided that I am going to enjoy learning about nutrition rather than see it as a way of jamming information into my brain for the sake of it. During the times when I don’t understand or find the learning is too much then I do what is called ‘time out’. This is where I might have a problem which I don’t know how to solve. Rather than get frustrated, I say to myself timeout and take a break. The break might be an hour or a day or two. There is no limit, until I feel ready to approach the problem with a practical and calm solution. This is how I approach issues in regard to the business and hence the reason why I enjoy what I do!



I always think where I want to be in terms of achieving my goals. This is the driving force which guides me and motivates me in any area of my life.


Until next time…
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