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Diary of a Happy Black Woman


 Opportunity costs and the positive approach


Hello everyone.


I was questioning what to write this week as I thought it was relatively quiet. However, upon reflection, my week has not being quiet at all. I have faced a few personal life lessons.I remember when I studied Business studies for my A levels and I learnt about the term ‘opportunity costs’. The concept can be defined as ‘the loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen’.


Upon reflection, I have realised that I am a lot calmer in my approach. This week I approached a voucher company to promote our business and I received an email 2 days later saying ‘we are sorry but cant promote your business at this point of time’. No explanation as to why. I was fuming because the company did not even contact me directly for more information. Prior to the 90 day challenge, I would have demanded a clear reason as to why. I do admit, I am extremely passionate about my work.


Now, I just take time out and think about the situation first before reacting. This relates back to the concept of opportunity costs (in a personal manner) ‘choosing one option over the over’. If I did respond to the email, I may have got a decent response but then I would have held on to my frustration. Instead, I chose to let it go and was able to do some work instead. This made me feel optimistic. I also cleared my mind for creative ideas of how to promote the business in different ways.

Until next time..

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