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Diary of a happy black woman!


Topic – 90 day challenge!


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Sandra and I am the co-founder of Blackhairblackbeauty Ltd. I am hoping that some of you may have heard of the company and had not come across the website by accident. Anyway, my business partner and I wanted to start a blog in relation to hair and beauty. Although, we wanted to create a blog where we added a personal touch. We personally want to set up a business where our customers personally have an opportunity to get to know the owners behind the name.

So for the next 3 months, I am going to talk about a personal challenge. The 90 day challenge. This is where I plan to eat more healthily (mainly cutting out chocolate, cakes and the like) and engage in more exercise. I will be updating my diary every week onto the site where I will also share my learning experiences (mainly in regards to nutrition) along the way.

So, I originally started my 90 day challenge on Monday 13th April. I felt that I was off to a great start! I started drinking much more water and adding slices of cucumber to the drinking glasses. I actually learnt this tip when I attended a workshop a while back (for business purposes). The lady running the workshop offered me a glass of water with cucumber inside. I inquired about the cucumber and she informed me that cucumber is great for the skin! So before I started the 90 day challenge. I researched cucumber in water. The research confirmed what the lady said and more! So from the Monday 13th, I drank water with slices of cucumber and by day 4 the results were astonishing! I would look in the mirror and my face would glow. My facial skin also felt so smooth and tighter than usual! I was so impressed that such a little change to my diet could make such a big impact and in such a short period of time.

Sadly on Monday 20th April, I went to the hair salon and had such a bad experience. I wont name and shame on here but I felt that the hairdresser in question was so bad- especially in relation to customer service. I’ll give you an example. I called the hairdresser prior to leaving my home as I informed her that I would arrive at the salon in 10 minutes. The hairdresser responded that she would be at the salon in 5 minutes. I was thinking that’s great. I arrived at the salon in 10 minutes only to see the shutters. The salon was not open. I contacted the hairdresser again and she informed me that she was on her way. She did arrive eventually.

Anyway, I was starving having being in the salon for practically the whole day (I did not think afro twists could take so long). I left the salon feeling so disheartened about my experience, tired and hungry, I ended up in McDonalds. I brought a meal and ice-cream (I was also thinking hard about buying the apple pie). I know, I know I only lasted a week! But for me the first two weeks are when the temptations are at their strongest.

Anyway, I went down a slippery slope for another week and realised that if I want to change I need to put the hard work in!

So I have officially started my 90 day challenge on Monday 4th May. This challenge is going to be realistic where I make small changes, find substitutes for my unhealthy snacks and enjoy the changes I am making to my life!

For now, I’ll say see you again soon

Happy black woman!

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