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haircareAt Blackhairblackbeauty, we appreciate the difficulties black women experience, when trying to obtain and maintain a healthy mane that you can be proud of. In order to help you achieve this, we are offering one to one hair consultations.

Blackhairblack Ltd is offering an:

  • Individualised Hair Consultation,
  • Hair analysis to determine your Hair Condition (please note this does not include diagnosis of any medical conditions, as our freelancers are not medically trained).
  • Personalised product recommendations.
  • A workable home care regimen that fits with your lifestyle and budget

Once you provide the information below, please allow 72 hours to respond to your online consultation. Please note that these consultations are not designed to replace doctor’s orders. If you feel you have a condition that is beyond the scope of our consultants, please consult your doctor.

To provide you with the most accurate response, please answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge

Informational Form.



How did you hear about us?

What are your main concerns and hair goals?

What is your current hair status?


How often do you deep condition your hair?
DailyWeeklyBiweeklyMonthlyAs neededNever
How often do you trim your ends?

How do you usually style your hair?

What products are you currently using for your hair?

Do you drink at least 1.6 litres/8 x 200ml glasses of water a day?

Online Hair Consultation

Price: £20.00

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