Juggling a work life balance and setting up a business!

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Date Monday 10th August 2015
Time 10am-1pm
Location: Stratford Advice Arcade, 107-109 The Grove, London E15 1HP
Presented by
Sandra Dodds (Co-Founder of blackhairblackbeauty Ltd
Price: £20

This seminar will be held by the co founder of the company Blackhairblackbeauty Ltd. In this seminar, Sandra Dodds will give a presentation where she will talk about her personal journey in leading up to becoming a business owner. Sandra will go in depth about the trials and tribulations in becoming a single parent to a newborn baby, studying full time and setting up a business all at the same time!! She will explore the different support mechanisms which has enabled her to follow her dreams and conduct an ambitious attitude to entrepreneurship.

Sandra is conducting this seminar to show other women that ‘anything is possible’ with the right mindset! In line with our main objective, we aim to empower women to look and feel great about themselves! Feel great about yourself-doing what makes you happy!

After the brief presentation, attendees are welcome to participate in the question and answer session! Or you can simply sit back and listen!!


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