The Jungle body – Konga workout

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Date Every Thursday
Time 5.45pm-6.45pm – Workout with Carly L8-9PM – Workout with Carly L & Sara P
Location: The Kingsfisher Leisure Centre, Fairfield Road, Kingston, Surrey,  KT1 2PY
Organized by
Calasara Fitness
Price first timer = £2.50 (+ £1.00 booking fee)
Regular = £5.00 (£1.00 booking fee)
Calasara fitness pride themselves on offering a fun alternative way to getting fit, improving your health, losing weight and toning up. Calasara fitness have a team of very professional, dedicated and talented instructors that are all passionate about their classes.

KONGA® is the latest fitness craze that is a wild mash-up of Boxing, Kickboxing, Cardio, Dancehall, Pop, Rock, Pilates, Disco & everything in between. Konga is so addictive because it is the perfect concoction of easy-to-do moves, insane music & routines that are specifically designed to shape, sculpt & redefine your physique. You will go from striking your imaginary opponent, to sexy hip shaking to Beyonce, to a wild Ab Crunching routine.

It’s the one class that really does have it all!A one hour Konga class can burn over 700 calories due to the “switch-up” formula and the sustained, high intensity nature of the workout. The class can even have you burning calories for several hours after as your body expends energy to return to your pre-workout Jungle Body.

Dont be afraid to attend the class alone, you will be made welcome!! This class is suitable for all levels



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